Outdated WordPress websites are a huge liability to your business!

Nobody wants the frustration & stresses of required website maintenance.

We offer a convenient & affordable WordPress maintenance service, giving you peace & protection while you focus on more important aspects of the business. 


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34% of WordPress websites are targets for costly vulnerabilities & hacks.
Are you willing to risk it?


Major Opportunity Costs

Do you want to spend time building your business or addressing outdated technology & infections? Frustrating website crashes, malfunctions, infections, and required repairs create substantial opportunity costs, leading to a potential cascade of reduced sales, revenue, leads & productivity.

Damaged Business Reputation

Your reputation is your greatest asset.  A compromised or obsolete WordPress website can damage your business reputation. Rebuilding trust takes capital and time. Based on a LinkedIn survey, 98% of customers will move to your competitor when website issues arise. Such issues also can create social media backlash & challenge your company’s trustworthiness or safety.

Reduced Google Rankings

A decline in online visibility can result in catastrophic losses in website visitors, new customer acquisition & sales revenue. Broken, outdated, or infected WordPress websites can lead to a sharp drop in your company’s Google search rankings as Google crawls your site.

Keep your sales & operations protected & running seamlessly with our trusted, affordable WordPress Protection Programs

Current Technology

Ensure that your WordPress platform is up to date with the latest software, plugins, and security measures to safeguard your company’s revenue, leads, and productivity, saving time & money.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge while reducing business risks & costs with our cost-effective fixed-rate WordPress solutions. Our expertise keeps you ahead of the crowd, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Excellent Reputation

Keeping your WordPress site updated and protected ensures a positive user experience, preserves your online and social media reputation, and helps prevent unnecessary loss of Google search rankings.

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Plans & Pricing

Our WP Standard+ and WP Ecomm+ packages come with our WP Hack Protection Guarantee. While under our services, we guarantee your WordPress site will not be hacked. If it does for any reason become hacked we will clean your server files and restore your site at no extra charge.


Maintenance & Performance
Stay updated & maintained for optimal reliability & performance





Save $200/yr when paid annually



Maintenance, Performance & Protection
Enhance your site with server updates & Firewall protection





Save $300/yr when paid annually



Maintenance, Performance & Protection
Ultimate protection & peace of mind for all WooCommerce store





Save $400/yr when paid annually

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Trusted by Businesses & Agencies Alike

Got questions ?

We've got answers

How often do you perform all the updates to my website?

We complete all updates on a quarterly basis to ensure your website stays current without incurring excessive costs. If you require more frequent support and protection on a monthly basis, please get in touch with us.

What is included in your maintenance & protection packages?

All of our plans cover WordPress software, core file, themes, and plugin updates. This includes database and security patch updates as well.

Plus plans include vital PHP server updates, firewall installation & protection, malware protection, uptime monitoring, and weekly backups of your website. They also come with our Hack Protection Guarantee.

Ecomm plans additionally include WooCommerce platform and specialized database updates tailored for Ecommerce sites.

In short, we’ve got your back to keep your WordPress website updated and secure, so you can focus on more important parts of your business.

What is the difference between Standard and Ecomm service levels?

Our Standard service levels (WP Standard & WP Standard+) cater to corporate, informational, or lead generation WordPress websites, basically all WordPress sites that are not Ecommerce.

Our WP Ecomm+ plan is essential for Ecommerce sites using WordPress/WooCommerce.

Plus plans encompass vital updates like PHP server, firewall, malware protection, uptime monitoring, and weekly backups, coupled with our Hack Protection Guarantee.

Ecomm plans offer WooCommerce platform updates and specialized database enhancements designed specifically for Ecommerce sites.

How do you handle simple & secure onboarding?

Our 3-minute onboarding process is quick and secure with our USA-based onboarding team. We will ask you for the following:

  • Your website URL
  • Admin-level WordPress user permissions
  • Direct access or delegate hosting access

Rest assured, we utilize highly secure AES 256-bit encryption for data stored and TLS/SSL protocols.

When you’re done it’s set and forget!

What is Firewall protection for a website and why is it important?

Both the WP Standard+ and WP Ecomm+ service tiers come with Firewall website protection.

A website firewall functions like a sophisticated security system for your site. It actively monitors incoming web traffic, detects potential threats or malicious activity, and blocks them before any harm can be done. It’s akin to having a cutting-edge security gate safeguarding your website from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

This level of protection effectively prevents brute force hacks, infections, trojans, and malware. Just think about waking up to find your website URL force directing visitors to an inappropriate site—it’s a common occurrence.

With these service tiers and the added website firewall protection, your business leads, and online revenue are safeguarded day in and day out, giving you peace of mind.

What if an update causes compatibility issues or breaks my site?

We understand that updates can sometimes lead to unexpected issues. That’s why we take a cautious and proactive approach to updates. Here’s how we handle it:

  1. Backup Before Update: Before performing any updates, we create a full backup of your site. This ensures that if any issues arise, we can quickly revert to the previous state.

  2. Monitoring and Rollback: After an update, we complete a QA process to check for any abnormalities. If we detect any compatibility issues or unexpected behavior, we take immediate action to resolve them. This may involve rolling back the update or implementing a temporary fix.

  3. Communication: If an update raises concerns about potential compatibility issues, we’ll communicate this with you beforehand. We’ll provide recommendations and seek your approval before proceeding.

  4. Plugin/Theme Compatibility: We stay updated on the latest information regarding plugin and theme compatibility. If a particular update is known to cause issues, we’ll take appropriate measures, such as postponing the update until a fix is available.

Rest assured, your site’s stability and functionality is our top priority. Our team is experienced in managing updates and ensuring they go as smoothly as possible. If you ever have concerns or encounter any issues after an update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

How does your site backup services work?

Our site backup service ensures your website’s safety by:

  1. Daily Scheduled Backups: Regularly saving all website and database data.

  2. Off-site Storage: Storing backups securely off-site.

  3. Security Measures: Using encryption and access controls.

How many WordPress sites are covered?

Each plan includes one (1) WordPress website URL for quarterly service. Please note that any subdomains or other URLs with separate WordPress installations would require additional plans. If you have five (5) or more websites or are an Agency please contact us for a custom quote!

Where is WP Site Protection located?

We are a USA-based company (Delaware Corporation), and are proud to be serving American businesses and agencies.

What kind of guarantees do you offer?

As WordPress powers over 43% of the world’s websites, it becomes a prime target for hackers. There are almost 90,000 attacks per minute on WordPress websites.

To protect your business, our WP Hack Protection Guarantee, available with the WP Standard+ and WP Ecomm+ service plans, comes with our Website Application Firewall (WAF). This firewall ensures robust protection against website hacks, including Malware, Trojans, brute force attacks, force URL redirects, and other infections. It’s both HTTPS and PCI compliant, and includes advanced DDoS mitigation.

With either Plus plan, we guarantee your website’s protection from the above potential website hacks. In the rare event of a sophisticated infection, we’ll promptly conduct a remediation process on your server and site files, and restore your site from backup at no extra cost.

How are paid Plugin updates managed?

Most WordPress plugins are typically free that are already downloaded to your website. However, if you have a paid plugin with a license, we might need access and the license to perform an update. In some cases, if the plugin is too outdated, it may require purchase of a current license. The expense for this would be the responsibility of the website owner, but we would be happy to assist with the installation and update process.

How does billing work for quarterly and annual plans?

All service plans, whether quarterly-billing or discounted annual-billing, receive quarterly service. Quarterly service plans will bill per quarter. Discounted annual service plans will bill annually on your anniversary date.

Can services be canceled?

Plans with quarterly-billing can cancel services at any time before their next billing date.

Plans with discounted annual billing can cancel services anytime before the next annual billing date. Please reach out to us at
[email protected] before your next billing event. Once charges are made and work is completed we cannot offer any refunds. 

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