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About WP Site Protection

We believe that business owners, managers, executives & entrepreneurs should focus on their unique strengths to maximize purpose, happiness, & business success…we’re here to help you achieve just that! 

It’s no surprise that WordPress software, maintenance & security updates aren’t part of most people’s core competencies (nor are they passions for most).

That’s where WP Site Protection shines! We handle your WordPress maintenance & protection, giving you complete peace of mind & freeing you and your team to focus on activities that drive the business forward. 🚀🚀

Our Story

Many years ago (an eternity in “Internet years”), we were a group of professionals building eCommerce websites when Amazon was still specializing in just books. Our focus was in the leverage & scalability of WordPress. 

We knew this platform would benefit tons of businesses, and we began to help others companies across a variety of industries. 

Anytime we had to update WordPress, the software, Plugins, databases, security patches, etc., we would do what most likely do…close our eyes, grit our teeth, pray for the best and hope nothing exploded. 

Sure enough…💥KABLOOEY!💥 Something would inevitably crash, break, or there was conflicting software…we were left to put the pieces back together while the websites were losing revenue, leads and creating an operational disaster. 

Since the days of DIY over the past 15 years, we’ve honed our craft, gotten REAL good at WordPress & have helped thousands of businesses ensure their website (the digital lifeblood of their business) is updated, maintained & secure…safely and seamlessly! 

We’re proud to be of service to you and your business, preventing obsolete technology and operational disruption while preserving sales revenue, new lead generation & your company reputation. Don’t DIY…let us seamlessly do the heavy lifting. Your business deserves it.