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Getting started with the WP Site Protection
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Refer 5 customers = $2,796 per year / yr

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* Based on the Quarterly WP ECOMM+ Plan paid for 4 quarters

Frequently Asked Questions

The WP Site Protection affiliate program is a partnership opportunity that allows individuals to earn commissions by referring customers to WP Site Protection. As an affiliate, you promote our WordPress plans through unique referral links, and when someone makes a purchase using your link, you earn a 20% lifetime recurring commission. ‍To enroll in the WP Site Protection affiliate program, you must complete the affiliate registration form.

Digital agencies, consultants, affiliate professionals, influencers consultants…basically anyone & everyone who wants to earn a lifetime passive stream of income while helping companies protect their WordPress websites. 

There are no limits on who can become an affiliate partner, as long as your marketing and referral activities comply with WP Site Protection Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

To monitor your referrals, we use cookies that remain active for 60 days following the first click of your link. Cookies play a crucial role in accurately tracking your referrals and ensuring proper commission attribution.

The minimum payout threshold for the affiliate program is $100 USD (1 sale). Any unpaid commissions you earn will accumulate in your affiliate account until you reach this threshold. Once the threshold is met, you will be eligible to receive a payout.

Commissions are usually paid on the 1st day, provided it’s not a public holiday or a weekend day. Note that commissions are paid 30 days after the referral’s initial signup. 

Commissions are paid via wise / bank transfer. To ensure you receive commissions, please make sure that you entered a valid Wise email address in your affiliate profile.

No, we do not allow self-referrals, which means you can’t sign up for WP Site Protection with your personal referral link. 

Learn more about  additional information about the rules that apply in our Affiliate Program Terms.