Email Meltdown: How Neglected WordPress Updates Led to Spam Apocalypse


Imagine one day your company website goes offline and all your company email, whether from the CEO or Administrative Assistants, are halted. You cannot communicate with clients, customers or even internally. This was the disaster that befell an unsuspecting Human Resources company based in Chicago, Illinois. 

Critical WordPress plugins and technologies were ignored, leaving them outdated, and creating a breeding ground for vulnerabilities and attacks.

As a result, the website fell victim to a malicious attack that triggered the sending of tens of thousands of spam emails from company email accounts. 

This alarming discovery landed the site on the International Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) blacklist, rendering all email addresses companywide unusable bringing business communications to a sudden halt.

The repercussions were severe, with client frustration, a damaged company reputation, staggering revenue losses, and significant lost opportunity. All of this stemmed from neglected outdated WordPress technology, highlighting the importance of proactive updates and maintenance.


After hiring costly and specialized emergency consulting services to remedy the situation (which required weeks of effort to reverse), the company quickly subscribed to WP Site Protection’s Standard+ quarterly maintenance and update plans. These plans ensure regular review and updates of critical WordPress components, fortifying the site against potential vulnerabilities and creating massive peace of mind for any company.


The organization has been receiving proactive and professional quarterly service to update and maintain their WordPress components. This prudent investment, starting at just $175 per month, provides assurance and ensures that similar incidents are avoided in the future.


WP Site Protection is a USA-based WordPress maintenance and security service provider with a mission to protect all WordPress websites from the two most prevalent threats: obsolete technology and security vulnerabilities. With over 15 years of WordPress experience, WP Site Protection helps to secure its client’s online sales operations, revenue, customer data, and overall online reputation.

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