Create as many podcasts as you need (at no additional cost)

Many podcasters are looking for a hosting platform that allows them to start multiple podcasts (without paying more for each additional show they create). Transistor is the solution!

We make it easy to manage multiple shows, including the ability to add multiple users and assign them different roles and permissions. This means that you can easily collaborate with others to produce and publish your podcasts.

Additionally, Transistor provides detailed analytics and insights, so you can track the performance of your podcasts and see how they resonate with your audience. Overall, is a great choice for organizations, networks, and hobbyists who want to host multiple podcasts.

Switch to Transistor and save money

Most hosting companies charge you a lot of money for hosting more than one podcast.


When you switch to Transistor, you can host multiple podcasts and pay only one monthly price.

Every podcast you create on Transistor will have the following:

What can you do with multiple podcasts?

Podcasters who host multiple shows can experiment and try out different formats:

  1. Making more shows is one of the best ways to increase the number of listeners you get each month.
  2. Having multiple shows allows you to test out new concepts and choose the podcast theme (or format) that resonates the most.
  3. Create multiple formats for different listeners! Some folks like 2-hours interviews, others like 30-minute commuter shows, and most folks will check out a 5-minute highlight episode.