The Challenge

Most people wouldn’t think of doing maintenance on their car or home HVAC system themselves. So why do businesses attempt DIY updates to their WordPress website?

One prominent Southern California voice and data provider attempted in-house updates with the disastrous results of a temporary halt in their online operations and costly repairs.

Like most internet-based businesses, this provider faced the operational decision of whether to perform WordPress maintenance updates internally or outsource them to an expert. Based on the common misconception that updating WordPress is as simple as pushing a few buttons, they ventured into the update process, unaware of the potential risks. 

After completing their WordPress maintenance and security update attempts, the aftermath of this decision became alarming:

  • Their update attempts resulted in multiple website errors, disrupting essential online business activity.
  • Their payment processing integration experienced critical errors, drastically reducing revenue and limiting client interactions.
  • Crucial update aspects, such as database updates, plugin management, theme updates, and security patches were overlooked, magnifying the ongoing vulnerability of their entire system.
  • Website repair and reconstruction came at a significant financial cost as well as customer inconvenience and potential lost new opportunities.

This scenario is all too common. Many voice and data providers, in their earnest attempts to stay current with digital strategies, inadvertently neglect the cornerstone of their online presence: WordPress maintenance and security. The repercussions of DIY updates or neglecting crucial software updates altogether can prove catastrophic.

The Solution

To return to regular business operations as quickly as possible, a web development consultant was required to make necessary corrections and bring the WordPress website current and secure.  The consultant recommended the use of a maintenance and protection plan from WP Site Protection to avoid similar disruptions in the future. 

The Results

This company immediately subscribed to WP Site Protection’s WP Standard+ Plan and will be receiving regular quarterly service to update and maintain the various WordPress components of their website.  This modest investment starting at just $175/mo will provide peace of mind that similar situations do not happen again in the future. 

About WP Site Protection

WP Site Protection is a USA-based WordPress maintenance and security service provider with a mission to protect all WordPress websites from the two most prevalent threats: obsolete technology and security vulnerabilities. With over 15 years of WordPress experience, WP Site Protection helps to secure its client’s online sales operations, revenue, customer data, and overall online reputation.